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Regret Your chosen design?

Want to forget your ex-partner’s name?

Fade your old tattoo so an artist can do a cover-up?

We have the latest/new up to date Laser Tattoo removal machine and skin cooler to reduce pain and damage to the skin.

We are running a promotion for a single or multiple session to Pico Laser a Tattoo. For size up to an area of  10 cm x 10 cm is $60 and in Thai Baht 1,900. That must make us the cheapest in Thailand.   

Tattoo Removal Bangkok by Laser. New and Best Quality Pico Tech Q Switched ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal System

Pico’s second laser is the latest new generation technology for aesthetic use. Impulses/switching trillions of times a second with powerful laser energy to dissolve the pigment in the skin tissue to reach the result of complete tattoo removal in all types of skin color.

New Ice Cool Skin Machine

Offers a much more comfortable treatment, say bye bye to pain, get much better treatment effect.

Ice Cool Skin Treatment Advantages 

Pigment clear rate is higher.

Pigment removal speed is faster.

Stimulate melanin activity to repair the skin faster and remove melanin colleagues and starts the repair mechanism.

Minimize damage to the normal skin tissue layers.

laser tattoo removal

Don’t worry, we can help you to
fade or remove your tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Bangkok LIST

laser tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Bangkok. Well, there are various reasons why someone wants to get rid of old tattoos and ink. Don´t worry, Bangkok Ink Tattoo clinic can help you with these issues.

We remove tattoos in a non-surgical and non-invasive way with the latest laser skin technology in the world. Therefore we are working with a Pico Tech and Q Switched ND Yag  Tattoo Laser Removal Machine, operated by our trained staff in our comfortable and sterile tattoo studio.

With our experience and understanding of ink, tattoos, and laser removal, we focus on your individual requirements, develop a personalized treatment plan, and delivers the tattoo removal results you desire.

Laser Tattoo Removal SERVICES

We do offer two different removal services


Your tattoo is treated until it fades to a certain point and then a tattoo artist can work on a modification, cover-up.

Full removal

Go back to your normal skin, free of ink. Your tattoo is treated until it is fully removed and not visible anymore.

Start the procedure to get your tattoo removed or faded.

Tattoo Removal Bangkok. Walk into the studio and talk to the receptionist or the technician who does the procedure. Or call by phone to make an appointment. It is that simple. 

laser tattoo removal


& personalized treatment plan

Tattoo Removal Bangkok. We provide a free consultation for tattoo removal at Bangkok Ink clinic. 

You can address any concerns and questions you might have for our qualified staff. We also explain how the laser is working and leading you through the whole tattoo removal process.
Understanding that everyone is different, we will talk about how we can assist you with your desired results and develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Before your treatment, you will know exactly how everything works and what you can expect. 

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation

How it WORKS

Working Principle of Tattoo Laser Removal

Tattoo Removal Bangkok Laser Equipment

Q Switched ND Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is proven to be the most effective way to remove tattoos and works best on red, blue, and black pigments in tattoos.

This technique utilizes the explosive effect of the ND Yag Laser, which permeates through the epidermis into the dermis containing the pigment mass. The laser emits light in a particular way in short and sharp pulses to break down the tattoo pigments.

laser tattoo removal
laser tattoo removal
The black area is Carbon Tattoo Ink in the melanin granule cells under microscope.
laser tattoo removal
The melanin granule cells under a microscope after being Lasered and the body system has removed the Tattoo Ink, and repaired the melanin granule cells.

Tattoo Removal Bangkok. Multi colored tattoos have been difficult to remove in the past with the previous laser. Past tattoo removal technology could not distinct lighter color tattoo ink from the pigment in one’s skin making the process difficult. Thankfully, technology has come a long way with the demand for multi-colored tattoos, to be removed and are now able to be completely and safely removed. This is due to Pico Technology, Q Switched ND Yag Laser. The unique two-wavelength system takes out all colors and difficult colors such as yellow and green. This system can be differentiated from the skin’s pigment. 

This light energy is measured in nanometers (nm). The laser pulses on a super high energy level at a frequency of 532nm or 1064 nm. The twin frequency Lasers is the best way to go. You can see below that they cover all spectrums of color. There are some Laser machines that have a 3rd laser to focus on color frequency somewhere between 532nm and 1064nm but is not necessary, and there is a downside to it. Ruby lasers are low-powered and restrict the ability of the high power of the other two lasers. The Laser Machine which we have is brand new and can be run on a single pulse or duel pulse lasers. The Output energy:1064nm: 100-1500mj; 532nm:100-800mj it has a joint maximum output of 2300 mega jewels of energy. It is a beast and can deal with any size tattoo. It weighs 80kg and is water/air cooled of the latest technology. 

laser tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Bangkok. Pico Technology offers an ultra-fast pulsation speed that delivers Laser light energy pulses into the skin at a rate so fast it is measured in picoseconds (one trillion times a second). Compared to the nanosecond (one billion times a second) technology of Q-switched lasers, Pico speed is 1000 times faster. This means tattoo ink can be removed in less time and most important the laser does less damage to the skin cells. It minimizes discomfort and greatly reduces the risk of injury on all skin types.

The Laser hits the Ink particles in the melanin granule cells which transfers energy to the Ink particles. When the transfer of energy there is heat caused. When you charge your phone it gets hot due to the transfer of energy. Same when you put fuel in your car and run it to transfer the energy to Kinetic energy to make the car move. The engine gets hot and needs to be cooled by water and then to air. You run down the street and the energy past to your muscles makes you hot and then you sweat to transfer heat to water and then air.
So that is why the tattoo laser machine gets hot as it is converting electricity to Laser light energy. And to control this energy you need a big water-cooled machine. That way the Laser is controlled and perfect.
The ink stays in the skin because the Ink particle is too big for the body’s immune system to digests the Ink particles and get rid of them when you go to the toilet. So to get rid of the Ink, we hit the particle trillions of times with energy from the Laser. The frequency of light hit different colors of ink and heats it up to a point that it shatters into smaller particles the immune body’s metabolic system can eat/digest them. That’s how it works.
Why I talk a lot about heat is because the heat builds up and if you let the heat build-up it burns the skin. This is why we have invested in the Ice cool skin machine and what I have seen not many other places have done this. The Ice cool machine can be used all the time, where ice packs cannot. The cooling system cools the skin layers past the layers where the ink is in. It cools down to where fatty tissue is. That means it does not allow the heat to speared and do damage to the surrounding cells and damage them. This has a secondary advantage where it keeps the pain to a minimum. The Ice machine is blowing ice-cool air throughout all process on the skin. Then the cool machine is a beast as well. It is the same size as the Tattoo Laser Machine and weighs about 80kg as well. We have made a considerable investment in this equipment. Yes, we are doing this at the lowest price but we have not cut corners on the equipment. In other tattoo removal services, they have invested a lot like we have done and dressed up as doctors in their white coats and charged a lot and still do. But things are changing and we are leading the way. Our business plan is not to have a few customers and charge a lot but to have many clients at a lower price and give top quality service. It is a quick and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment for the body and including chest, back face, arms, hands, legs, and more. Where ever you have a tattoo we will remove it.

Regards Martin


Achieving the best results for your Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Bangkok. After treatment, your treated area may seem like a superficial burn wound. Many patients experience immediate whitening of the area, plus bruising, swelling, blistering, and scabbing. Here are some basic guidelines for handling these side effects and achieving excellent laser tattoo removal results:

  1. For the first 3 days after treatment, keep the treated area bandaged with sterile gauze and protected with a thin layer of antibiotic or healing ointment. After 3 days, keep the treated area clean and dry during the healing process. If necessary, clean the area gently with mild soap and water and pat dry.
  2. Blistering is common after laser treatment and is a part of the natural healing process. Do not be alarmed by blisters, but do protect the area and apply an ointment for at least 24 hours after the blisters have popped.
  3. You may apply cool compresses as necessary for 24 hours after treatment to help reduce discomfort and inflammation. You may take regular Tylenol, but avoid aspirin (as it can increase the risk of bruising or bleeding).
  4. Do not pick any scabs that form. This step is very important to prevent scarring. Avoid any activity (such as shaving) in the treated area that may cause scabs to remove.
  5. Feel free to shower 2 hours after treatment, but avoid high water pressure hitting the treated area. Also, do not soak the treated area until all scabs and blisters have completely healed – that means no baths, hot tubs, or swimming to prevent the chance of infection.
  6. Exercise is generally safe after treatment, as long as all other aftercare instructions have been followed.
  7. Wear a sunblock of SPF 25 or higher over the area for 3 months following treatment. Avoid wearing makeup or creams near the treated area for the first 2 days after treatment.
  8. Itching is very common due to the dehydrating effect of the laser. Use Aquaphor, Vitamin E ointment, or hydrocortisone cream to moisturize the area as it heals.
  9. If the area looks infected (honey colored crusting, oozing, spreading redness) or you have an extreme reaction, immediately contact medical professionals for help.
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