V.I.P Visit To Grand Master Ajarn Ohr's Sam Nak, Thai Sacred Sak Yant Tattoo Temple

Get tattooed by Grand Master Ajarn Ohr

the Number 1 master in Thailand.

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr V.I.P. SERVICE

Enjoy an unforgettable Sak Yant experience

We are proud to exclusively provide this unique V.I.P. Sak Yant service to Grand Master Ajarn Ohr, to get a traditional Sak Yant Thai tattoo from the no. 1 Master in Thailand. 

Don´t worry or think too much, we´ll organize everything for you.


You get picked up from
your hotel anywhere in Bangkok 


Because Ajarn Ohr only speaks Thai, our driver who speaks English, Thai, will do all translation for you.

Choose Sak Yant

You can discuss with Ajarn Ohr about various Yants, choose motive, size and placement and ask any questions you might have.

Sak Yant & Blessing

After you have received your tattoo and the blessing the ceremony is over. You will be taken back to your hotel.


We take pictures of the entire process using your camera, just ask!
You will get a great memory.

For further information or appointment please contact us

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr


Ajarn Ohr has become the
leading Sak Yant master in Thailand

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr started training at the famous, Wat Bang Phra. When he had finished training at Wat Bang Phra he then went on to travel and study with many Sak Yant masters around Thailand to increase his knowledge of Sak Yant Tattooing and Buddhism. At the age of just 35 years old Ajarn Ohr was regarded highly by other masters and developed a large network of Sak Yant Masters and disciples. He is now in his forties and getting more popular. He is taking Sak Yant to a new level and has become the leading Sak Yant master in Thailand and Asia. 

Get tattooed by the best

We are very proud to work with Grand Master Ajarn Ohr and his two best trained Masters, Ajarn Aut and Master Ajarn Sak, who work in our studio. 

We believe we are working with the best 3 Masters in Thailand. They all have different qualities, but all 3 produce the best tattoos we have seen to date. 

Ajarn Ohr performs the amazing white magic and blessing we have listened too. Our clients say that the experience is in the top 5 things they have experienced so far, if not the top.

His commitment to helping people has been outstanding.

Thai Tattoo Master

“It´s important to inform people about this style of tattoo and the commitment one must keep once the tattoo is done. After having the tattoo you must be a good person. Think good. Talk good. Be good.
Thai tattoos have meaning, they are powerful and have white magic. The magic behind them was created a long, long time ago. Every Sak Yant requires a different chanting. Some for good luck, some for work, good fortune, kindness or for protection. It´s important you believe in the Sak Yant tattoo.
When people have problems in their life, about work, about family, they come to me for help. I believe I can help, but you must believe as well.

I love tattooing and I love helping people.”

Ajarn Ohr


Master Ajarn Ohr Wai Khroo

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr trains many disciples to become Thai Tattoo Masters of Sak Yant. Two of his trained Masters, Ajarn Aut and Master Ajarn Sak, have worked with us for over 5 years. 

Mass Blessings at his Sam Nak, Tattoo Sak Yant Temple

Ajarn has thousands of disciples which come to his annual Wai Kruh ceremony to pay respect and receive new blessings from their Master.

Blessing For Women

Many women take part in the annual Wai Khru and have lots of Thai Tattoos too

Ajarn Ohr in his Main Studio

Ajarn Ohr in his Sam Nak, which translates to, tattoo office. He actually has 2 studios at his home. The first is his private studio where he tattoos clients. The second is Sam Nak were his disciple's tattoo.

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr doing a personal blessing

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr has become the leading Sak Yant master in Thailand and Asia

Ajarn Ohr Hand Poke Thai Tattoos

Ajarn Ohr hand poke a Twin Tiger Yant.

Ajarn Ohr Ruesi Mask Blessing

Ajarn Ohr performing the Ruesi Mask blessing to evoke past masters' power. This Yant chanting is done after finishing the Sak Yant.

A young looking Ajarn Ohr in China

Ajarn Ohr has become very popular in China. He has become number one there and travels most weekends from Thailand to China. There are already many pamphlets and videos done about him. He is also in front of a magazine cover in China.

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