Thai Tattoo, Bangkok Ink Tattoo Studio World Famous for Sak Yant Thai tattoos in Bamboo Hand Poked style.

We also do Electric Machine Tattoos in all types of designs. we do it all. The best Thailand has to offer. Below Master Ajarn Aut and Ajarn Sak, the best handpoke artist in Bangkok.

Above master Ajarn Sak, who is a Thai sak yant tattoo master and he is also qualified and certified by the thai government. which is really good as there are so many fake masters.

We also have three very good machine tattoo artists. Aot. His line work is the best we have seen to date. Text perfect, his tattoos are perfect, just his face so serious, a situation showing deep thought, not joking, he is going to give you an amazing tattoo.

Below we show you what our artist can do in hand poke / Bamboo style and machine. Our artist are some of the best you will meet.

Hah Taew Explanation or meaning LINK

Below Sak Yant Hah Taew. Magical tattoo 5 lines, Yee sib Gao Yord 29 spires which was extended from a Gao Yord (9 spires) and below that twin Tigers, high quality and done in Dynamic Ink.

Check out our 700 plus reviews. Reviews don’t lie.

Kristina Davis
Kristina Davis
09:10 25 Dec 18
I was on vacation in Bangkok with my family, my sister, cousin & I have been wanting to get matching tattoos for a while now and what better way to do it than in Thailand?! We found Bangkok Ink on google and it was close to our hotel so we decided to come here based on the reviews. The staff members are friendly and nice and helpful. My tattoo artist was fast and very efficient. Our tattoos came out amazing and exactly how we wanted! I would definitely recommend coming here if you’re interested in getting a tattoo!read more
john jensen
john jensen
16:26 23 Dec 18
This shop is exactly what you want in a tattoo shop. The work is great, the artists are friendly, and the shop is clean. If you're an English-only client they speak fantastic English. I went to Thailand on vacation and was able to book a time and get what I wanted without any hiccups. I would recommend this shop to anyone. My only regret is that I forgot to buy a T-shirt from this place. If you're thinking of getting a tattoo in Thailand this is the place. P.S. As a medical professional I strongly advise against any of those market tattoo shops you see, they're not worth the more
Dimitar Ivanov
Dimitar Ivanov
07:44 23 Dec 18
I’m very happy that the studio I was aiming to was closed so that I had to find this one! I’m very happy with the service. The stuff speaks english and everything went very uncomplicated. It was my first tattoo and I got the 5 Lines with a bamboo stick and I’m more than happy with the result! I also paid for the blessing from the Master. No regrets. When I come back to Bangkok I’ll definitely come here to get the next hand picked more
Doug Moore
Doug Moore
11:21 22 Dec 18
Had traditional bamboo hand poke done. Walked in without appointment. Staff was very helpful with my zero Thai language. Super happy with my latest tourism tattoo! I fly wingsuits and love Thailand. So this is a great combo more
Jana Lou
Jana Lou
09:13 12 Dec 18
I checked a few tattoo studios to find the perfect match and ended up here because of the positive reviews. The first impression was really good: professionell communication, clean environment and friendly staff. I’m super happy that I finally got my tattoo here, the artists are really talented and the result speaks for itself. Highly recommended!read more
Kyle Price
Kyle Price
14:44 11 Dec 18
Got my first tattoo there, was the best experience. I got a bamboo style and got blessed. Couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Place was extremely clean and they spoke perfect English! I’ll be back next time I’m in Thailand!read more
lily tong
lily tong
12:25 19 Nov 18
I went on vacation on Thailand with my family and friends, it’s our second to last day in Bangkok and we spontaneously decided to get tattoos. We did some research, found this place and got incredibly lucky that they were able to do the traditional bamboo due to a last minute cancellation. I chose mechanical, this was my first tattoo and it definitely won’t be my last, especially after finding this gem! The staff here are incredibly friendly, patient and willing to make sure we enjoy our experience. I appreciated that my artist asked me for feedback after he finished up and if there were any areas I wanted to add more too. It was a quick process and the end result was amazing, we even bought some of their shirts and plan to come back next year or so! I love how it came out and I’m glad I waited so long because I would’ve never found this place!read more
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter
06:12 19 Nov 18
I was a bit nervous coming in, but staff were really nice and helpful. Settled me down quickly and was having my tattoo within 30 minutes of walking in! These are professionals, don't worry about getting a tattoo in Bangkok by these guys. Really would recommend if you want a genuine bamboo tattoo done professionally by an Arjan!read more
Jeska Bahr
Jeska Bahr
09:17 18 Nov 18
From start to finish the experience was amazing! Very friendly and helpful staff, English speaking . The shop is by far the cleanest I've seen all over Thailand. Our tattoo artist was kind, fast and precise! We got traditional bamboo tattoos with an authentic blessing from our artist (not to be skipped) brought me to tears. We are already booked for more ink! Absolutely recommend this place! Loved every second!read more
Rudy Melgoza
Rudy Melgoza
12:47 11 Nov 18
Did a traditional style tattoo (Hand poke bamboo) and without a doubt the result was perfectly clean and most importantly; gorgeous! The location is a little hidden, but well worth the hunt. The staff is friendly and courteous. Preary in the front counter explained the process, beginning to end while being super friendly and relaxed, answering my questions. Master James, who did my tattoo, was professional and fast. -Ask about the blessing, this will definitely complete the more
murphy duh
murphy duh
12:29 05 Nov 18
I had a friend recommend this place to me in Bangkok, so I decided to check it out. Super friendly staff! Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable, they answered all of my questions easily and let me try multiple stencils on my body beforehand. I didn't feel pressured into getting something I didn't want. These guys make you feel very comfortable. Good vibes all around. The shop is also super clean, very big, and I got in the next day with Master Au. My tattoo is amazing (and I'm covered from heat to toe-- so I'm very picky!) AND I LOVE IT. I would definitely tell anybody to come and spend all of your money on tattoos more
James Berbano
James Berbano
06:59 05 Nov 18
Amazing tattoo shop in Bangkok! Studio is welcoming and very professional. Don’t worry about language barriers - there will be someone to help you! Email correspondence is quick and efficient, especially when contacting from outside Thailand. Definitely recommend and would come back again! 🙂read more
Eliana Delgado
Eliana Delgado
13:43 01 Nov 18
The staff was very helpful, nice and accommodating. The place is amazing and clean. I got a rib tattoo and the tattoo artist did an amazing job and it barely hurt as he was being very delicate. I would definitely come back when I get back to Thailand. I would highly recommend it!read more
Crystal Loch
Crystal Loch
13:42 01 Nov 18
Amazing experience! We walked in with no appointment and the staff treated us like we were regulars. The artists were light of hand, were friendly and very quick in their work. Receptionist welcomed us warmly and even helped us design out tattoo. Excited to show off my new ink!read more
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Below a couple of nice machine tattoos.

Our reception team Welcome you. on the for right Pranee who was at the beginning of Bangkok Ink 10 years ago and has just recently re-joined us. Left is Preary who is a new addition. Both work reception and Body Piercing.

Walk In’s are welcome, we have an air conditioned waiting room with air purifiers to produce the best atmosphere to receive a tattoo.

Our Ajarn’s will give the best possible experience in Bangkok. Ajarn Aut producers the best Hand Poke Sak Yant Thai tattoos that we have ever seen. Just amazing. He is very gentle when tattooing and people comment on this. He is such a nice person.

Bangkok Ink Sam Nak which translates to tattoo office. Enclosed glass quite room for blessing and hand poke tattooing.

We produce the best tattoos at the right price. Not the most expensive and not the cheapest. In the middle. Bangkok Ink is classed as one of the best all round tattoo studios in the world.

e-mail [email protected] 

or fill out our easy to fill in CONTACT FORM

or telephone 020015210 or +6620015210 

Mobile 0909188151 to make a booking

OPENING TIMES 10 am to 9 pm everyday

Our team welcome you, We all speak English and have staff from the U.K, Australia, Philippines and of course Thailand. We will give you the highest quality tattoos, service and experience, here in Bangkok Thailand, guaranteed.

Our machine artist are as good as it gets. Line perfect, text perfect, shading etc. Aot, Earth and Alex, they do all designs.

We offer 3 different levels of Thai Sak Yant tattoo service to our clients.

1:-     Sak Yant Thai tattoo design for beauty without chant or blessing.

2:-     Second level is with Yant Thai tattoo with chant and blessing from our Temple trained Masters, Ajarn Aut and Ajarn Sak.

3:- VIP Service, pickup from hotel with translator to Master Ajarn Ohr’s temple to receive tattoo, activation of tattoo and blessing.

Below, Thai Tattoo Sak Yant Magical Hand Poke Bamboo style single Tiger, amazing. Quality done in Eternal Ink and  Dynamic Ink straight from the manufacture. Nothing fake here, original ink and true Yantra with blessings or without blessings.

Above Sak Yant Thai Tattoo, line perfect by machine. Below, done with machine, line perfect.

Bangkok Ink would like to present our brand new body piercing room. Below is our professional body piercers. On the left is Preary and Pranee on the right

Walk in’s welcome but always best to call first.

Bangkok Ink has a long history in tattoo artistry. Our Thai Sak Yant Tattoo masters have been in the industry for more than thirty five years. At this point, we can guarantee you are going to get a good tattoo. We stand by our reputation one hundred percent. 

Below is Grand Master of Sak Yant Thai Tattoo, Ajarn Ohr, Number 1 in Thailand.

We provide a V.I.P. service to visit Ajarn Ohr at his temple where you can have a Sak Yant traditional Thai tattoo from him. You are picked up from your hotel anywhere in Bangkok in a brand new 7 seater Chevrolet Trailblazer, very comfortable. The driver can speak English, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Chinese / Mandarin, Very nice guy and interesting. He will do all translation for you to Ajarn Ohr. Ajarn Ohr only speaks Thai. After you have received the tattoo and blessing you will be taken back to the hotel.

We are located Sukhumvit 33 near to Phom Phrong BTS sky train station. 5 minutes walk.(400 Meters) Asok BTS Sky Trian and MRT underground 15 Minutes walk. When you go into Sukhumvit 33 you will see a big tree hanging over the road. Walk past that and the first street on your right just before the 7 eleven shop is where we are.

Below another map to show you the route from Asok BTS Sky trian and terminal 21 and MRT underground.

Also Phrom Phong BTS Sky train

We only use imported Ink directly from the manufactures because we have experienced that there are many fake inks available.

Bangkok Thailand has a long history with Bamboo tattooing. It goes back over 3000 years. Bangkok ink is the best place to start your Sak Yant Bamboo magical Thai tattoo experience, we do all styles.

Check out our tattoo Bamboo Hand Poked and Machine tattoo galleries from menu links below or at the top.