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Sak Yant Tattoo and Thai tattoo, they are both the same

What is a Sak Yant Tattoo Master, Arjan ?

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning. Sak Yant Masters are known by various respectful names such as Master, Ajarn, sometimes spelled Ajahn. The word Ajarn means teacher or mentor. Therefore not all Ajarns do sacred Sak Yant tattooing but teach Buddhism, meditation, or even do special healing massage instead.

Some Masters of Sak Yant gained their expertise at a famous temple such as Wat Bang Phra which has long been known for its Sak Yant tattoos. While others may not have been a Monk at such a temple but may have gained their knowledge and sacred skills by apprenticeship to their father or through Abisheka, a sacred Buddhist initiation that passes wisdom and knowledge directly through the lineage of Master to Disciple.

But a very common misconception is that all tattoo Masters are Monks and therefore only a Buddhist Monk in a temple can perform a „real“ Sak Yants. While also true, it is quite rare. An easy way to tell the difference in their appearance: a monk will wear orange robes while Sak Yant Masters usually wear white to symbolize their status as genuine tattoo Masters.

Because there is still much confusion about this, we want to point out that in fact, three groups of people can perform authentic Sak Yants:

1. Buddhist Monk or Bhikku
2. Ajarn, Sak Yant Master, Ruesi

3.Prahm (Brahmin Lay Master)

The authenticity of a tattoo is more or less when it is done by one of the above.

To become a Sak Yant Master one must study under an existing Master. Thai tattoos have many elements within them: ancient knowledge, symbols, scripts, Buddhism, Animism, sacred geometry, and even black and white magic all intertwined into the creation and blessing of them.

To learn all the ancient knowledge and chants, it takes one many years of training to become a good Sak Yant Master.

Some tattoo studios offer Sak Yant tattoos done by a tattoo artist who has been trained in the design of them, but they do not usually offer the chanting by the Master or the infusion of the blessings into the design.

But nothing quite compares with the life-changing experience of having a sacred Sak Yant Thai tattoo done by a really skilled Master, who learned this ancient knowledge over the years from his father or Sak Yant Master.

Sam Nak

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning. We have a special place for tattooing Sak Yants, It is called a Sam Nak in Thailand. That is where a Sak Yant master works from. It translates to a tattoo office Temple. Get your Thai tattoo and blessing in this inspiring and magical atmosphere.


Ajarn Aut and Ajarn Sak

We are proud of working with two of the best Thai Tattoo artists at Bangkok Ink. Our Sak Yant Masters Ajarn Aut and Ajarn Sak have been in the industry for more than 35 years and are qualified and certified by the Thai government. They are one of the top Sak Yant Masters in Thailand and produce the best bamboo hand poke tattoos we have ever seen. Their sacred Sak Yants are amazingly precise and they genuinely create each tattoo as a unique work of art. See their work in our bamboo hand-poked Thai tattoo gallery. 

Ajarn Aut and Ajarn Sak always work very gently, professional and their practices are hygienic. To empower magical Thai tattoos each Sak Yant can get blessed by our Masters. 

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning and Designs
Thai Tattoos Meanings

See more hand poked tattos in our

Hand Poke STYLE

Excellent HYGIENE

You are in good clean hands

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning. You will get an authentic Sak Yant tattoo experience in the cleanest and safest way possible! Therefore Bangkok Ink welcomes you with a clean air-conditioned studio and high hygienic standards. 

The Sam Nak and our studio is cleaned daily and all equipment kept scrupulously clean and sterile. For each Sak Yant, our Masters use new disposable needles, a “bamboo” rod made from medical grade stainless steel and high quality imported Ink directly from our manufactures.

You can rest assured, we always have your safety in mind and will guarantee you the highest quality tattoos.

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning


Bringing Sak Yants to life

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning. If you have chosen to get a traditional Sak Yant bamboo hand-poked made by our Masters you can have it blessed afterward to unfold its power and evoke the magic. 

It is a ceremony after the tattoo is done that involves a merit tray being handed to the master, sacred oils, and gold leaf is placed on the tattoo as the master chants the magic into the tattoo.

Sak Yants brought to life by chanting of Khatas which are usually in Pali script and often accompanied by repeated blowing by the chanting Sak Yant Master. The Sak Yant Master channels the energy he receives into the tattoo and many silently chant khatas while tattooing the Yant. The Khata must be read by the Sak Yant Master and it must be chanted correctly to increase the power of the Yant.

These incantations must be spoken a certain number of times, depending on the specific Yant. As some of these Khatas are very long and repetitive, so numbers are often used to shorten the chanting process.

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning
Thai Tattoo Blessing

Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning. Every Sak Yant requires a different chanting. Some for good luck, some for work, good fortune, kindness, or for protection.

Quite often, when a Sak Yant Master performs his Khata, it invokes spirits which enter the bodies of those present, causing them to gyrate or mimick the animal they represent. Usually, the person regains consciousness and does not remember what happened just before.

It is important to understand that the bearer of a Sak Yant does not automatically receive its protection by blessing. One must adhere to certain.


Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning. There is a set of rules, which you can follow if you want. These rules are guidelines. But for the Sak Yant Masters and their disciples, they have to follow them.  Sak Yant rules (called Khor Haam ข้อห้าม๗๗). They are not a requirement but highly recommended. It is important to understand that the bearer of a Sak Yant does not automatically receive its protection. One should stick to these principles, as well as trying to attain the things one desires. Only then will the magic work. 

These rules vary from master to master but are generally basic. Here you will find some good example of some rules, to give you an idea of what they are about:

  1. Do not kill a person with intent.
  2. Do not steal for your own personal gain.
  3. Do not lie to harm others. We all tell white lies and there is a difference.
  4. Do not have sexual relations with another’s a partner.
  5. Do not spit in the toilet. The toilet should be a clean place and not to keep it so, shows disrespect to oneself and others.
  6. Do not swear at or disrespect your parents in any way.
  7. Do not speak about people behind their backs in a manner likely to cause harm.
  8. Do not over-consume alcohol and become troublesome to others. Keep in control.
  9. Do not walk under female underwear. The reason for this is to avoid temptations and distractions that the opposite sex can bring. Monks themselves are not allowed to touch a woman’s skin for this very reason and when a monk tattoos a female, he will wear surgical gloves, etc.
  10. Do not partake in evil deeds. Avoid all contact with such happenings whenever possible.


If you break the rules you can get them blessed and re-energized again. Some sites on the internet state that you will get bad luck if you don’t follow the rules. This is not true. It’s just a good way to live your life. Buddism is just the same and Thai people believe if you do bad, Karma will get you.


Get tattooed by Grand Master Ajarn Ohr, the Number 1 in Thailand

We are proud to exclusively provide this unique V.I.P. service to Grand Master Ajarn Ohr at Bangkok Ink. You will get a traditional Sak Yant Thai tattoo from the no. 1 Master in Thailand.

Thai Tattoo Master

It´s important you believe in the Sak Yant. After having a tattoo, you must be a good person.
Think good. Talk good. Be good.
(Ajarn Ohr)
If you have any questions feel free to

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