Below is Grand Master of Sak Yant Thai Tattoo, Ajarn Ohr, Number 1 in Thailand.

We provide a V.I.P. service to visit Ajarn Ohr at his temple where you can have a Sak Yant traditional Thai tattoo from him. You are picked up from your hotel anywhere in Bangkok in a brand new 7 seater Chevrolet Trailblazer, very comfortable. The driver can speak English, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Chinese / Mandarin, Very nice guy and interesting. He will do all translation for you to Ajarn Ohr. Ajarn Ohr only speaks Thai. After you have received the tattoo and blessing you will be taken back to the hotel.

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr who trains many disciples to become masters of Sak Yant Thai tattoos. Two of his trained Masters now work at our studio. Master Ajarn Aut and Master Ajarn Sak 

There is only one bigger Wai Khru in Thailand than Ajarn Ohr (Wai Khru is show respect to the teacher) is Wat Bang Pra 

Many women take part in this and have lots of Thai Tattoos