Tattoo Price Bangkok Thailand Guidelines and Ideas of What it Costs

We have many years of experience of running a top quality, professional tattoo studio at the right price in Bangkok. We base our prices on quality first. We must be able to give a perfect tattoo and to do that we must pay the artist the right amount to get the best artists. But at the same time the best value to you our customer, so our artist work hard at the right price and get more customers that way and earn good money. We understand that it is important that our customers have some guidelines as to what we offer in the way of quality, facilities, hygiene, and of course, price. Our artist are the best in Thailand and if you compare them to western artist, you are getting about 50% of the cost of western tattoos at the highest quality.

It is very difficult to quote exactly how much a tattoo will cost without size and the details. So the more information you give to us the better. Prices vary according to the time it will take to do the tattoo , the intricacy of the pattern, the amount of coloring and shading that it needs and the size of the tattoo. It is not about the time taken as a good quality tattooist will be very quick and do less damage to the skin. We do not price by the hour, but give you a fixed quote. So if it takes longer than we think, it is still the same price.  

For a 5 cm by 5 cm with medium details and coloring

But we have worked out some details that will give you a rough idea of what to expect, price wise, for different tattoos.

If you have already approached other tattoo shops and they have given you a very cheap price, then it might be best to ask yourself why it is so much cheaper.

Does their studio value safety and hygiene as much as we do at our studio? Poor hygiene conditions and disregard of sterile equipment in a shoddy tattoo studio can lead to serious health issues for the customer, weeks, months or even years after the tattoo is completed.

This applies to both machine  tattoos and traditional hand poked Sak Yant tattoos. The risks encountered by customers who are tattooed in less than hygienic conditions with shared needles and ink can include contracting hepatitis, HIV and other nasty infections.

Are their tattoo artists properly trained and skilled enough to do a wonderful tattoo for you? Our tattoo artists have years of training and experience and are constantly updating their skills and the methods they use.