We have done everything possible to achieve a nice relaxed atmosphere to get the best tattoo you can have.

We got the building blessed by 9 local monks to make sure this is the best place to get a tattoo. 9 is the magical number. After we take them back to their temple we arranged to pick up Ajarn Bpom from his temple and we regard this temple as the best in Thailand. We have supported it for the last 7 years with taking people there to give donations.

What amazing Sak Yant Thai tattoo Master.

We believe that we are the best at this.

Our tattooist starve to give you the best tattoo you can get.

We are the leading tattoo studio in Thai Tattoos.

We have built this amazing studio to serve tattooing.

All clients are welcome to shoot pictures and videos of their experience.

Our state of the art of body piercing room is ready for you.

On the second floor is an area we will take photos of your tattoo and then cover it tattoo up with the latest and most advanced imported breathable film from the USA  for tattoos to recover.

We take care of our clients when they need to go to the bathroom with super clean toilets.